Akiyo Nishiura

Japan series ~ Volume eight. Akiyo Wicky Nishiura 西浦ウィッキー聡生

Japanese featherweight Akiyo Wicky Nishiura (11-7-1) is a veteran of Cage Force, Shooto, K-1 & DREAM. Fighting out of STGY and AMC Pankration he debuted back in 2004 and has gained 11 victories; five by K.O and six by decision. He would also go on to fight 2 kickboxing bouts for K-1 and Shoot Boxing. The way Akiyo Wicky fights can be only be described as monkey style, carrying his hands low he baits his opponents to attack while he ducks and counters with heavy hooks and upper cuts that have knocked out five of his opponents. His 7 losses all come via way of decision to experienced grapplers such as Abel Cullum, Caol Uno and Mitsuhiro Ishida. Since the collapse of DREAM, Akiyo Wicky has been training his wrestling in the U.S amongst the best at AMC Pankration & Team Alpha Male. A very exciting stand up fighter to watch I hope he can make a come back for ONE FC or Bellator and show his true potential.

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Akiyo Wicky Nishiura HL @ Blip tv

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Akiyo Wicky Nishiura HL @ UOL

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Keita Nakamura

Japan series ~ Volume seven. Keita Nakamura 中村 太郎

Keita “K-Tauro” Nakamura (25-5-2) is a veteran of Shooto, Sengoku, DREAM and the UFC. A member of the Wajyutsu Keisyukai team in Tokyo; Nakamura is a highly established grappler with 12 wins by submission and the winner of ADCC Japan 2009, he also placed fourth in the ADCC 2009. Keita began fighting in 2003 for GCM and Shooto with an impressive 15 fight win streak he was signed by the UFC, where he suffered the first losses of his career, two fights of which were close decisions. After going 0-3 in the UFC, Keita considered retirement but fought on and returned at DREAM 6 with a win over Adriano Martins. In 2010 he was invited to  the Sengoku Welterweight Grand Prix finishing Omar de la Cruz, Takuya Wada, Yasubey Enomoto to win the tournament. In 2012 he was signed to a multi fight contract by rising Chinese promotion Legend FC where he recently won his debut against Hoon Kim. An amazing grappler with solid boxing I am a big fan of Keita Nakamura and his “K” celebration pose.

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Keita Nakamura HL @ Blip tv

Keita Nakamura HL @ Dailymotion

Keita Nakamura HL @ UOL

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Shinya Aoki

Japan series ~ Volume six. Shinya Aoki

DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki (30-5-0) is regarded as the best submission fighter in the world with 19 wins by submission. A consistent top 3 lightweight in recent years he is a black belt in both Judo and Jiu Jitsu. A veteran of DEEP, Shooto, Pride FC, DREAM & Strikeforce he has fought and defeated the best of the division such as JZ Calvan, Joachim Hansen, Tatsuya Kawajiri and Eddie Alvarez. With improving stand up and a wicked ground game it won’t be too long before we see him finally in the UFC.

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Shinya Aoki – HL @ Blip tv

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Kazuyuki Miyata

Japan series ~ Volume five. “Little Hercules” Kazuyuki Miyata

Japanese olympic wrestler Kazuyuki Miyata (19-8-0) is a veteran of ROTR, HERO’S, DEEP & DREAM. He has literally fought a who’s who of the lighter weight classes and never backed down from a tough fight even when he was mismatched against some of the best such as Royler Gracie, Joachim Hansen, Genki Sudo, Norifumi Kid Yamamoto. After a tough start to his career at lightweight Miyata took the decision to drop to featherweight, a new and emerging weight class at the time. He revamped his style by bringing in striking coach Sean Frew to help with his Boxing. The results speak for themselves since 2009 as Miyata went on an impressive 6 fight winning streak over notable featherweights such as Takafumi Otsuka, Caol Uno & Takeshi “Lion” Inoue. This impressive winning streak finally earned him a title shot against champion Hiroyuki Takaya in which he lost a close spilt decision. The new and improved Miyata not only has shown great improvements in his boxing but has produced some of the most amazing German suplex’s and Takedowns we have seen. Kazuyuki Miyata is the one to look out for in the featherweight division.

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Kazuyuki Miyata – HL @ Blip tv

Kazuyuki Miyata – HL @ Dailymotion

Kazuyuki Miyata – HL @ Vimeo

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Michihiro Omigawa

Japan Series ~ Volume three. Michihiro Omigawa

Michihiro Omigawa is regarded as a high level judoka with solid boxing skills. Fighting out of the famed Yoshida Dojo in Japan, Omigawa is a highly seasoned veteran of sport competing in organisations worldwide such as Sengoku, DREAM, PRIDE FC and the UFC. He began his MMA career at lightweight facing some of the best in the division such as JZ Calvan and Thiago Tavares. After mixed success with a 4-7 record at lightweight, Michihiro decided to drop down to the featherweight division (145lbs). After reinventing himself with his Judo and improved Boxing  he went on an impressive run of 8-2 with wins over top 10 featherweights such as Marlon Sandro, Hatsu Hioki and Hiroyuki Takaya landing himself back inside the UFC and a place in the top 10 amongst the best in the world.

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Michihiro Omigawa – HL @ Blip tv

Michihiro Omigawa – HL @ Dailymotion

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Michihiro Omigawa – HL @ Vimeo

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Kazuyuki Miyata

Kazuyuki Miyata ~ Double Rainbow Double Suplex

Japanese Olympic wrestler Kazuyuki Miyata is best known for his amazing German suplexs. After pulling off two consecutive Suplexs in a row against Takeshi Inoue, DREAM commentator Michael Schiavello hailed it the Double Rainbow Double Suplex after a hit youtube video.

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Kazuyuki Miyata – Double Suplex @ Blip tv

Kazuyuki Miyata – Double Suplex @ Dailymotion

Kazuyuki Miyata – Double Suplex @ Vimeo

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Yoshihiro Akiyama

Japan Series ~ Volume two. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Episode 2 of the Japan series brings you Yoshihiro Akiyama. He is fourth-generation Japanese of Korean descent. A 3rd Dan Judoka he won gold at the 2001 Asian Championships and 2002 Asian Games. He debut in MMA for K-1 Hero’s going 9-1 in his first 10 fights to capture the K-1 Hero’s Middleweight tournament championship. In 2009 he signed with the UFC to test his abilities and to represent Japan and Korea. A popular celebrity in his home countries “Sexyama” as known by his Western fans has appeared in numerous TV shows and Commercials. Akiyama’s best strengths are his throws and heavy hands. A veteran of Hero’s, DREAM and the UFC this native of Osaka is a top Middleweight contender.

“Thank You” ~ Yoshihiro Akiyama

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Yoshihiro Akiyama – HL @ Blip tv

Yoshihiro Akiyama – HL @ Rutube

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Yoshihiro Akiyama – HL @ Vimeo

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