Yasubey Enomoto

Europe Series ~ Volume Four. Yasubey Enomoto

Yasubey Enomoto (10-4) is a veteran of Sengoku & M-1. Fighting out of Zurich he represents the Enomoto Dojo alongside his brother Felipe. Born in Switzerland to a Perviuan father and a Japanese mother his family bloodline can be traced back to his great grandfather, who was a samurai Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo. Prior to his MMA debut Yasubey was a Swiss muay thai champion and a successful grappler on the European circuit. He is a purple belt under Jeffrey Annis. In 2010 Yasubey was apart of Sengoku’s welterweight tournament where he defeated Sanae Kikuta, Kenta Takagi & Taisuke Okuno to make it into the finals, unfortunately losing to Keita Nakamura for the championship belt. With the fold of Sengoku in 2011, Yasubey was signed by top European organisation M-1 where he debuted in a title fight against Shamil Zavurov, losing a controversial decision. Yasubey would bounce back with two wins and would go on to face Shamil Zavurov once again defeating him via guilotine choke in the 5th round becoming the M-1 Champion. Yasubey Enomoto is a well rounded fighter with great kickboxing and submissions. He fights with a great samurai spirit and I hope will be signed to the bigger leagues soon.

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Yasubey Enomoto HL @ Blip tv

Yasubey Enomoto HL @ Dailymotion

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1. DMX – Ruff Ryder Anthem

2. Lion & Prime – Way of the Samurai


Ronnie Mann

Europe Series ~ Volume three. Ronnie “Kid Ninja” Mann


British featherweight Ronnie “Kid Ninja” Mann (21-5-1) is a veteran of Cage Rage, Sengoku, Bellator and is the current Cage Gladiators & Shark fights champion with 3 wins by knock out and 11 by submission. He first gained attention through his two wars against Ashleigh Grimshaw at Cage Rage. In 2008 he was signed by Sengoku for their featherweight tournament, sadly being defeated by Hatsu Hioki in the quarter finals. With Sengoku going through financial problems, he was allowed to fight Douglas Evans at Shark Fights in which he won the the 145lb championship. Shortly after Sengoku folded , Ronnie was signed by Bellator to compete in their  Summer Series tournament, winning the opener he lost a decision to future Bellator champion Pat Curran in the semi finals. Mann bounced back with a great submission victory over Kenny Foster in the Season 6 qualifier  but lost in the quarter finals via decision to Mike Corey. Ronnie Mann is a well rounded fighter with solid boxing, great wrestling and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu; always exciting I consider him one of the best fighters in the U.K.

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Ronnie Mann HL @ Blip tv

Ronnie Mann HL @ Dailymotion

Ronnie Mann HL @ UOL

Ronnie Mann HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – The XX – Intro (Deep Focus Remix)

Paul Daley

Europe Series ~ Volume two. Paul “Semtex” Daley 

British Welterweight Paul “Semtex” Daley (29-11-2) is a vertan of BAMMA, Strikeforce and the UFC. This was my video entry for the left glove Paul Daley which he viciously knocked out Scott Smith with. This video highlights Semtex’s fights since being released by the UFC for the post fight incident vs Josh Kosheck in 2010. Since then he has gone 6-2 with one loss being against Nick Diaz in the fight of the year for the Strikeforce title and another in a close decision vs wrestler Tyrone Woodley, who many feel Daley should have won.

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Paul “Semtex” Daley – HL @ Blip tv

Paul “Semtex” Daley – HL @ Dailymotion

Paul “Semtex” Daley – HL @ UOL

Paul “Semtex” Daley – HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Wiz Khalifa – Till I’m Gone

I am very happy for winning the competition and receiving this great prize. Thanks Paul Daley and everyone who supported my entry on Facebook & Youtube.

Alistair Overeem

Europe Series ~ Volume one. Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem is a Dutch Mixed Martial Artist (46-11-0) and Kickboxer (10-4). Having started his MMA career in the Light Heavyweight division in Holland his early success led him to the Pride Fighting Championships where he would compete in their 2003, 2005, 2006 Grand Prix. After mixed success and the collapse of Pride FC. Alistair Overeem gained focus and moved up a weight class to Heavyweight. At a natural weight class that suited his frame Overeem improved leaps and bounds capturing the Strikeforce Heavyweight title in 2007 and winning fights impressively against Lee Tae-Hyun, Mark Hunt and Mirko Cro Cop for DREAM in 2008.

At Dynamite 2008 Alistair Overeem entered the world of Kickboxing against the tough Badr Hari who he demolished in round 1 in an unexpected upset. Overeem had some more fights which led him gain 3rd place in the 2009 K-1 WGP. In 2010 he became the K-1 WGP champion and was the first fighter to hold a belts in MMA and Kickboxing. At the end of 2010 Alistair defeated Todd Duffee to earn his third world title which secured a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for consecutively holding three championship belts.

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Alistair Overeem – HL @ Blip tv

Alistair Overeem – HL @ Dailymotion

Alistair Overeem – HL @ Rutube

Alistair Overeem – HL @ Vimeo