Thiago Santos

Brazil series ~ Volume fifty four. Thiago ‘Big Monster’ Santos

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Brazilian heavyweight Thiago ‘Big Monster’ Santos (11-2-0) is a veteran of Amazon FC, Rio Heroes and Bellator. From Rio De Janeiro Brazil he fights out of the Top Brother and American Top Team with 2 wins via knockout and 5 by submission he is a heavy handed puncher and a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Santos began his fighting career in a 8 man same night tournament at Rio Heroes 10 in 2007. The only fight organisation that still used the old school vale tudo rules. Thiago would win all three fights and become the Heavyweight tournament winner. Thiago would go on to to fight MMA rules where he gained five more wins in Brazil before being signed to Bellator in 2011 for a heavyweight tournament reserve bout against Josh Burns. Thiago would win via rear naked choke in first round and put on a fantastic debut performance. With a twist of fate and some injuries to two other competitors, Thiago would face Neil Grove in the semi finals, where he spectacularly knocked Grove down and finished with a rear naked choke. Thiago Santos and Eric Prindle would both trade groin shots at Bellator 59 and 75. The rematch at 75 being the quarter finals of Bellator season 7 heavyweight tournament that saw Thiago Santos go through to the semi finals via DQ and on to face Rich Hale in which he sadly lost. Thiago Santos is a hard puncher and a quick finisher. He also has very good jiu jitsu and takedowns. I really enjoy watching him fight win or lose you know his fight is going to be fun while it lasts. I hope to see him back inside the Cage next year.

Alternative Video Links

Thiago Santos HL @ Blip tv

Thiago Santos HL @ Dailymotion

Sound Track – 50 Cent Ready for war


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