Yasubey Enomoto

Europe Series ~ Volume Four. Yasubey Enomoto

Yasubey Enomoto (10-4) is a veteran of Sengoku & M-1. Fighting out of Zurich he represents the Enomoto Dojo alongside his brother Felipe. Born in Switzerland to a Perviuan father and a Japanese mother his family bloodline can be traced back to his great grandfather, who was a samurai Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo. Prior to his MMA debut Yasubey was a Swiss muay thai champion and a successful grappler on the European circuit. He is a purple belt under Jeffrey Annis. In 2010 Yasubey was apart of Sengoku’s welterweight tournament where he defeated Sanae Kikuta, Kenta Takagi & Taisuke Okuno to make it into the finals, unfortunately losing to Keita Nakamura for the championship belt. With the fold of Sengoku in 2011, Yasubey was signed by top European organisation M-1 where he debuted in a title fight against Shamil Zavurov, losing a controversial decision. Yasubey would bounce back with two wins and would go on to face Shamil Zavurov once again defeating him via guilotine choke in the 5th round becoming the M-1 Champion. Yasubey Enomoto is a well rounded fighter with great kickboxing and submissions. He fights with a great samurai spirit and I hope will be signed to the bigger leagues soon.

Alternate Video links

Yasubey Enomoto HL @ Blip tv

Yasubey Enomoto HL @ Dailymotion

Sound Tracks –

1. DMX – Ruff Ryder Anthem

2. Lion & Prime – Way of the Samurai


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