Akiyo Nishiura

Japan series ~ Volume eight. Akiyo Wicky Nishiura 西浦ウィッキー聡生

Japanese featherweight Akiyo Wicky Nishiura (11-7-1) is a veteran of Cage Force, Shooto, K-1 & DREAM. Fighting out of STGY and AMC Pankration he debuted back in 2004 and has gained 11 victories; five by K.O and six by decision. He would also go on to fight 2 kickboxing bouts for K-1 and Shoot Boxing. The way Akiyo Wicky fights can be only be described as monkey style, carrying his hands low he baits his opponents to attack while he ducks and counters with heavy hooks and upper cuts that have knocked out five of his opponents. His 7 losses all come via way of decision to experienced grapplers such as Abel Cullum, Caol Uno and Mitsuhiro Ishida. Since the collapse of DREAM, Akiyo Wicky has been training his wrestling in the U.S amongst the best at AMC Pankration & Team Alpha Male. A very exciting stand up fighter to watch I hope he can make a come back for ONE FC or Bellator and show his true potential.

“Wow Thanks! Check out this highlight that someone made”

Alternative Video links

Akiyo Wicky Nishiura HL @ Blip tv

Akiyo Wicky Nishiura HL @ Dailymotion

Akiyo Wicky Nishiura HL @ UOL

Sound Track – Don’t Think. Chemical Brothers

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