Erick Silva

Brazil series ~ Volume forty one. Erick Silva

Brazilian welterweight contender Erick Silva (15-1-0) is a veteran of Guarafight, Jungle Fight and UFC with 3 wins by knock out and 8 by submission. Hailing from Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil he trains out of  X-Gym and Team Nogueira and has been a long time training partner for the likes of Ronaldo Jacare, Rafael Feijao and Anderson Silva. In 2005 he began fighting locally in his home town of Vila Velha with 5 wins he was signed by Jungle Fight the biggest promotion in Brazil, where he continued his winning streak also winning the Jungle Fight 170lb championship in a 4 man tournament. In 2011 voted as one of the hottest prospects inside Brazil and with the UFC returning to Brazil for the first time in13 years he was signed to fight Luis Ramos, where he won via knock out in 40 seconds. In his next two fights he would show his talent with another quick TKO of Carlo Prater and a submission win over wrestler  Charlie Brenneman. Erick Silva has amazing muay thai and great submissions he is destined to be a future champion.

“Hey… Thanks very much, the video is very good, it tells the whole story” ~ Erick Silva

Alternative Video links

Erick Silva Highlights @ Blip tv

Erick Silva Highlights @ Dailymotion

Erick Silva Highlights @ UOL

Sound Track – 300 violin orchestra. Jorge Quintero

2 Responses to Erick Silva

  1. Pedro says:

    lol he didn’t say “angry story”. That’s what he said: “Hey… thanks very much, the video is very good, it tells the whole story, cool…”

    • HELLO JAPAN says:

      Thank you pedro! He spelled a few words wrong and that made it difficult to translate…even with google translator it was difficult to get the gist of what he was saying but i will edit it now! thanks so much pedro

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