Marlon Sandro

Brazil series ~ Volume thirty nine. Marlon Sandro “I am the Bellator”

Marlon Sandro returns in this second highlight as the Gladiator. Presenting his last four fights inside the season 6 featherweight tournament. After the devastating loss to champion Pat Curran, Sandro came back against Rafael Dias at Bellator 58 in which he arm triangle Dias in first round. In the quarter finals of the tournament Sandro devastated Roberto Vargas dropping him twice before finishing the American with a rear naked choke. In his celebration Sandro jumped onto the top of the cage and was handed a centurion helmet and round shield by his Nova Uniao team mates. He would now go by the new nickname “The Gladiator” the logo of Bellator. In the semi finals Marlon defeated tough up and comer Alexandre Bezerra by decision. Sandro would once again be a tournament runner up losing to wrestler Daniel Straus by decision. Marlon Sandro is the definition of a true warrior and seeing him as the Bellator’s Gladiator is truly fitting.

“Great show thanks brother.” ~ Marlon Sandro

Alternative Video links

Marlon Sandro – I am the Bellator @ Blip tv

Marlon Sandro – I am the Bellator @ Vimeo

Marlon Sandro – I am the Bellator @ UOL

Sound Track 

Lisa Gerrard – Now we are free (Gladiator OST)

David T. Edwards – Eternal Hope

One Response to Marlon Sandro

  1. shocbomb says:

    Like so many other fights that never happend in MMA history and should of I am Still so sp mad that we never got to See Sandro vs Bibiano Fernandes fight. It would of been great to see both fight when sengoku and Dream did there co promotion for Dynamite a few years back. Its sad to say I don’t think we will ever see it now eather ? Sense Sandro singed with Bellator and with Dream going under Bibiano with the UFC. – That just sucks all around !

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