Andre Galvao

Brazil series ~ Volume forty. Andre Galvao

Fighting out of Team Nogueira, welterweight Andre Galvao (5-2-0) is a veteran of DREAM & Strikeforce and an accomplished grappler in Jiu Jitsu and submission wrestling competition, where he is a multiple world champion. Andre Galvao made the jump to MMA in 2008 winning both his first 2 fights by armbar. In 2009 he was apart of the DREAM welterweight grand prix, where he took UFC veteran John Alessio down and arm bared him in the first round. In the semi finals Galvao met Jason High and lost a close decision in a fight where he had near submissions over the American. In 2010 Andre Galvao would sign with Strikeforce going 2-1 with a win over Luke Stewart and a TKO of Jorge Patino. At the end of his Strikeforce contract Galvao left the organisation and tried out for the Ultimate Fighter 13 TV show but was unsuccessful. Around this time Andre would move permanently to the U.S and open up the ATOS Jiu Jitsu school in San Diego while returning to high level grappling competition.

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Andre Galvao MMA Highlights @ Blip tv

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Sound Track – Marcelo D2. A Maldição Do Samba


Marlon Sandro

Brazil series ~ Volume thirty nine. Marlon Sandro “I am the Bellator”

Marlon Sandro returns in this second highlight as the Gladiator. Presenting his last four fights inside the season 6 featherweight tournament. After the devastating loss to champion Pat Curran, Sandro came back against Rafael Dias at Bellator 58 in which he arm triangle Dias in first round. In the quarter finals of the tournament Sandro devastated Roberto Vargas dropping him twice before finishing the American with a rear naked choke. In his celebration Sandro jumped onto the top of the cage and was handed a centurion helmet and round shield by his Nova Uniao team mates. He would now go by the new nickname “The Gladiator” the logo of Bellator. In the semi finals Marlon defeated tough up and comer Alexandre Bezerra by decision. Sandro would once again be a tournament runner up losing to wrestler Daniel Straus by decision. Marlon Sandro is the definition of a true warrior and seeing him as the Bellator’s Gladiator is truly fitting.

“Great show thanks brother.” ~ Marlon Sandro

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Marlon Sandro – I am the Bellator @ Blip tv

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Lisa Gerrard – Now we are free (Gladiator OST)

David T. Edwards – Eternal Hope

Keita Nakamura

Japan series ~ Volume seven. Keita Nakamura 中村 太郎

Keita “K-Tauro” Nakamura (25-5-2) is a veteran of Shooto, Sengoku, DREAM and the UFC. A member of the Wajyutsu Keisyukai team in Tokyo; Nakamura is a highly established grappler with 12 wins by submission and the winner of ADCC Japan 2009, he also placed fourth in the ADCC 2009. Keita began fighting in 2003 for GCM and Shooto with an impressive 15 fight win streak he was signed by the UFC, where he suffered the first losses of his career, two fights of which were close decisions. After going 0-3 in the UFC, Keita considered retirement but fought on and returned at DREAM 6 with a win over Adriano Martins. In 2010 he was invited to  the Sengoku Welterweight Grand Prix finishing Omar de la Cruz, Takuya Wada, Yasubey Enomoto to win the tournament. In 2012 he was signed to a multi fight contract by rising Chinese promotion Legend FC where he recently won his debut against Hoon Kim. An amazing grappler with solid boxing I am a big fan of Keita Nakamura and his “K” celebration pose.

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Keita Nakamura HL @ UOL

Keita Nakamura HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Sound Track – New Day (E-SHINE Remix)