Jussier da Silva

Brazil series ~ Volume thirty eight. Jussier ‘Formiga’ da Silva.


Brazilian fly weight Jussier da Silva (13-1-0) is a veteran of Shooto and Tachi Palace Fights; out of the Nova Uniao/ Kimura gym he holds 6 wins by submission. The current Shooto Brazil 123 lb Flyweight champion ranked number 2 in the world and is considered one of the best outside of the UFC’s new flyweight division. His biggest win was against top ranked Japanese fighter and Shooto champion Shinichi Kojima. Formiga’s only loss on his record is to Ian McCall in which he lost a close decision. A fast paced fighter who has a talent for taking opponents backs, we hope to see him in the UFC very soon.

“Wow my friend very cool, many thanks”

Alternate Video links

Jussier da Silva HL @ Blip tv

Jussier da Silva HL @ Dailymotion

Jussier da Silva HL @ Vimeo

Jussier da Silva HL @ UOL

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One Response to Jussier da Silva

  1. shocbomb says:

    I hope Zuffa picks Jussier da Silva up soon ? He is a must for any org to say they have the best fighters at 125. He also has such a feel good story with all he has been threw already in his life and the conditions he has lived in. I also hope the same with Mamoru Yamaguchi, How can anyone have a 125 devision and not have these 2 in it is just beyond me ?

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