Jose Aldo

Brazil Series ~ Thirty five. Jose Aldo: I’m coming home.

Jose Aldo (21-1-0) is the former WEC and current UFC featherweight champion. A stand out fighter from the Nova Uniao team he began his MMA career back in 2004, where he debuted with a 18 second head kick knockout. Fighting in his native Brazil for organizations such as Shooto Brazil and Jungle Fight he went 10-1 with 7 victories inside the first round. In 2008 in debuted for the WEC who were looking to establish the 145lb division. He continued his impressive run of knockouts working his way to a title shot over champion Mike Brown in which he won via TKO. Aldo would go on to defend his title twice before the 135lb and 145lb divisions of the WEC were merged into the UFC. Since his UFC debut  he has successfully defended his title 3 times. An amazing striker and extremely well rounded Aldo is one of  the top fighters in the world.

Alternate Video links

Jose Aldo – HL @ Blip tv

Jose Aldo – HL @ Dailymotion

Jose Aldo – HL @ UOL

Jose Aldo – HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Skylar Grey – I’m Coming Home (Arion Dubstep Remix)

One Response to Jose Aldo

  1. DirtyWhiteGi says:

    Yup… dubstep certainly suits Jose Aldo’s style. Them leg kicks look crazy hard too man. Would NOT want to be on the receiving end.

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