Marlon Sandro

Brazil Series ~ Volume thirty. Marlon Sandro 

 Marlon Sandro 19-3-0 trains alongside other top 10 featherweights such as Diego Nunes and UFC champion Jose Aldo. With heavy hands he holds 7 victories  by way of brutal knock out and 3 by submission. Marlon Sandro began his career in Brazil for organisations such as Arena Combat and Shooto Brasil impressively going 9-0 before he was scouted by the Japanese organisation Pancrase, where he went through 3 opponents to become their featherweight champion. In 2009 he was signed by Sengoku for  a 16 man 145lb tournament. After a controversial split draw decision in which Michihiro Omigawa was awarded the sudden victory in the semi finals. Marlon went on to knock out 2 other opponents before being given a title shot at Sengoku champion Masanori Kanehara who got brutality knock out with a viscous upper cut in 38 seconds. After Sengoku folded in 2011, Sandro joined U.S promotion Bellator for an 8 man 145lbs tournament in which he was a runner up in the finals. With an aggressive stand up style and strong ground game Marlon Sandro is stand out in the division.

Alternate Video links

Marlon Sandro HL @ Blip tv

Marlon Sandro HL @ Dailymotion 

Marlon Sandro HL @ UOL

Marlon Sandro HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Hans Zimmer – The Contender Theme (extended)

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