Diego Nunes

Brazil Series ~ Volume twenty six. Diego Nunes

Brazilian featherweight Diego “The Gun” Nunes (18-2-0) is an exciting Muay Thai fighter who integrates amazing spinning back kicks and punches into a well rounded game. Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Diego Nunes began training Muay Thai. At the age of 20 he left home travelling to the best schools in Brazil and live his dream of becoming a professional fighter. This Nova Uniao prospect first 11 fights ended quickly by Knockout or submission, which led him into the Zuffa owned WEC, who established the 145lbs featherweight division within the United States. Diego went 4-1 with notable wins over Raphael Assuncao, Rafael Dias and Tyler Toner before the WEC was merged into the UFC, where he debuted against former Featherweight champion Mike Thomas Brown defeating him by decision. With a win over the former champion Diego was given Kenny Florian at UFC 131. Despite dropping Florian in the first and third rounds he unfortunately lost a close decision. With amazing kicks and a solid ground game Diego Nunes is one of the most exciting fighters within the UFC.

Alternate Video links

Diego Nunes – HL @ Blip tv

Diego Nunes – HL @ Dailymotion 

Diego Nunes – HL @ UOL

Diego Nunes – HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Braille. Blessed Man

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