Andrews Nakahara

Brazil Series ~ Volume twenty three. Andrews Nakahara

Andrews Nakahara is Japanese-Brazilian MMA and Kyokushin Karateka fighter. A veteran of Dream & K-1 MAX with a record of 4-2 he is a black belt in Kyokushin Karateka and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. Prior to his debut he won 4 gold medals in Kyokushin Karate tournaments. In 2008 at DREAM 2 he debut against the legendary Kazushi Sakuraba in which he lost by submission. After dropping down to Welterweight, Nakahara saw success with two consecutive TKO stoppages over Dong Sik Yoon and Shungo Oyama. With a strong full contact karate style and improving ground game, Andrews Nakahara is the one to watch out for in the future.

“Thanks again. I liked the video a lot and also the last Samurai music” ~ Andrews Nakahara

Alternate Video links

Andrews Nakahara – HL @ Blip tv

Andrews Nakahara – HL @ Dailymotion

Andrews Nakahara – HL @ Rutube

Andrews Nakahara – HL @ UOL

Andrews Nakahara – HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – The Last Samurai ~ Spector in the fog

2 Responses to Andrews Nakahara

  1. DirtyWhiteGi says:

    Another nice one Stu! I liked Andrews Nakahara since watching his first fight. Hopefully we see more of him in future, maybe he should get into Strikeforce or UFC he’s exciting to watch.

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