Genki Sudo

Japan Series ~ Volume one. Genki Sudo

Episode one of the Japan Series brings you the Neo Samurai Genki Sudo. An entertaining lightweight fighter retiring in early 2006 with a 21-4-1 in MMA and a Kickboxing record of 6-4. Widely know for his entertaining entrances and unorthodox fighting style this former K-1, Hero’s and UFC veteran is a true legend in Japanese MMA.

Alternate Video links

Genki Sudo – HL @ Blip tv

Genki Sudo – HL @ Dailymotion

Genki Sudo – HL @ Rutube

Genki Sudo – HL @ Stage vu

Genki Sudo – HL @ UOL

Genki Sudo – HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track – Genki Sudo. World Order (2009)

3 Responses to Genki Sudo

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  2. Kal says:

    I’ve been looking for Genki Sudo highlight for a while, and this one is the best so far with the great World Order song. thanks!

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