Alexandre Pequeno Nogueira

Brazil Series ~ Volume five. Alexandre “Pequeno” Nogueira

Volume 5 of the Brazilian fighter series brings you Alexandre “Pequeno” Franca Nogueira the long reigning Shooto 143 lb champion. A fast paced Luta Livra fighter with solid submission skills and a infamous guillotine choke amassing an impressive record of 13-6-2 in Shooto, K-1 Hero’s and the WEC.

“This video was the best that I have seen. Congratulations” ~ Alexandre Pequeno

Alternate video links

Alexandre Nogueira HL @ Blip tv

Alexandre Nogueira HL @ Rutube

Alexandre Nogueira HL @ Stage Vu

Alexandre Nogueira HL @ UOL

Alexandre Nogueira HL @ Vimeo

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Paulo Thiago

Brazil Series ~ Volume four. Paulo Thiago

Volume 4 of the Brazilian fighter series brings you Paulo Thiago a rising star in the welterweight division who is dangerous on the ground and posses improving stand up with some heavy hands. Despite being thrown in at the deep end against the worlds best Paulo Thiago keeps his composer through years of experience serving in the  Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais or simply known as (BOPE)

Alternate video links

Paulo Thiago HL @

Paulo Thiago HL @ Rutube

Paulo Thiago HL @ Stage Vu

Paulo Thiago HL @ UOL

Paulo Thiago HL @ Vimeo

Sound Track: The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen. Young for eternity

Gleison Tibau

Brazil Series ~ Volume three. Gleison Tibau

Volume 3 of the Brazilian fighter series brings you lightweight power house Gleison Tibau best known for his explosive slams, Jiu Jitsu & ground and pound.

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Gleison Tibau HL @

Gleison Tibau HL @ Rutube

Gleison Tibau HL @ Stage Vu

Gleison Tibau HL @ Vimeo

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Thiago Tavares

Brazil Series ~ Volume two. Thiago Tavares

Volume 2 of the Brazilian fighter series features exciting UFC Lightweight Thiago Tavares. A well rounded fighter who is never in a boring fight he holds a 14-3-1 record.

Alternate video links

Thiago Tavares HL @ Blip tv

Thiago Tavares HL @ Rutube

Thiago Tavares HL @ Stage Vu

Thiago Tavares HL @ Vimeo

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